Fire Beach Presents:
Nature's Hunt:
Firestorm..rise of the Phoenix

Nature's Hunt Firestorm31 October- 30 November

The Nature's Hunt is back with an exciting hunt to kick off with!
Nature's Hunt Firestorm...rise of the Phoenix!

Firestorm is one of Nature's most overwhelming yet incredibly beautiful phenomenas and in this hunt it represents the return of the Nature's Hunts.
Fire Beach is where it all started, it all ended and now risen again from the vulcanos's ashes we are going to have a blast! 
This hunt is going to be a good old fashioned Fire themed hunt just as you are used from us!

we have missed you and looking forward to hunt with you again for all the goodies in this amazing hunt!
A great hunt where you get to see great Nature sites, items and shops!
You will come across some amazing sims that you may have not been aware off.
Most of all, you will find some fabulous items, from very talented and amazing creators in SL.

The hunt will be taking place from 31 October - 30 November 2015
Hunters, join the Nature's Hunt Hunters Group by clicking the sign and get the latest updates and hints in this unique hunt.
The group is free to join and you can use the groupchat for support during the hunt.

Find all the Phoenix birds and collect your amazing gifts,  make sure you get them all!
Explore the participating sims and let yourself be swept of your feet by all the beauty Nature brings.
This hunt will have a 1L$ charge of the huntitems.

Some important rules for this hunt:
1.  This is meant to be fun and a hunt, so please no yelling out locations of hunt items in local.  Stick to your IM's for helping out your friends or fellow hunters.
2.  The wonderful creators spend a lot of time on these gifts for you, so please be respectful and do NOT bother them on where the item is or hassle them in any way. Find help in group chat or check out the hintlist on the website
3.  In group chat, do not blurt out where things are located.  Helping each other is part of the fun of hunts, so remember only to give out hints in chat.
4.  Do not cheat. We will find out anyway and you risk being banned by the store owners. Give yourself the maximum hunt experience just by hunting down the items!
5.  Remember to always give yourself more than enough time to rezz.  Some places can take up to a few minutes before you can see clearly enough to really look for the item.
6.  Do not just walk into a shop, glance and then ask for help immediately, this is a hunt so please put in an effort to find the object.
7.  This is a hunt blog where pictures and hints will be posted: *link will be added soon*

Startingpoint is : The Sacred flame Flower Boutique at Fire Beach
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Happy hunting!!!

Resje Bailey (hunt organizer)
Nature's Hunt Team
The Fire Beach Crew (hunt sponsor)


1. When the Elf plays the harp, the Phoenix rises and a Firestorm starts!
2. This hunt is as hot as molten lava!
3. Don`t be afraid of horizontal stripes
They`re always going to be a big fashion statement.
It`s all about wearing them for the body type
4. I hope this little bird doesn't burn it's feathers!
5. Please check hintgiver at store
6. Please check hintgiver at store
7. Around the corner from LOVE you will find my heart
8. Roses are red, Violets are blue, but Sunflowers hold gifts for you
9. See details of Death Roses, Tropical Night and Hourglass Tattoo
10. Look for your family tree
11. Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt poster to receive an updated hint!
12. Find the Orchids on a stem with the color of flames, Hazy will show you the Phoenix
13. It's on the TABLE... There is only ONE table...
14. I have a bat named MOIRA!
15. Come on Baby light my...
16. If you are GREEN with envy take a seat and get comfy!
17. Hint will be added soon
18. Speaking of beautiful nature and fire...Holy Hannah look at THAT!
19. Tired of searching? Come, have a rest...
20. The crayons will draw the map for you
21. Find m on your way up!
22. Hint will be added soon
23. Please check hintgiver at store
24. Please check hintgiver at store
25. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of  ..., the ring of ...
26. Get some information so you can choose the right beach!
27. I love to dance. Do you want dancing with me?
28. Hint will be added soon
29. Fire and beasts sit side by side. Find them together and find your prize.
30. For Halloween you need an accessory like a hat !
31. Hint will be added soon
32. Walk through the fire and get wet..the Octopus will tell you not to be greedy. You can lose all when you are!