Nature's Hunt
Firestorm - rise of the Phoenix
October 31 - November 30

Please read the information as below before you apply.
it has all info you need to participate in the hunt.

Firestorm is one of Nature's most overwhelming yet incredibly beautiful phenomena and in this hunt it represents the return of the Nature's Hunts.
Fire Beach is where it all started, where we left off and where we pick things up again! 
The Nature's Hunt Firestorm is a Fire Themed hunt.
This element will hopefully inspire you to create something awesome!
I will leave it up to you and your creative mind as long as it fits the theme.
p.s. we are not in any way affiliated to the Firestorm viewer, this hunt is named after a nature phenomena, not the SL viewer.

The Nature's Hunt has always set a high standard for the hunts. That means the following:
- Only quality stores with a good selection of merchandise will be accepted. 
- Stores that can provide a gift for men and women or an unisex item will be accepted.
- You need to be the creator of the gift, which means that resellers or breedables stores won't be accepted.

1. Your gift has to be UNISEX or include MALE AND FEMALE items! The hunt includes female & male hunters and no one will be excluded in the gifts! NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. Gifts must be exclusive to the hunt for the duration of the hunt. That means, you can NOT sell the same item in your store during the hunt! NO GIFTCARDS! 
3. There will be a hard-cap of 100 vendors in this hunt!  Any application after the deadline will be registered on the waitinglist as a back up. So make sure you apply before the deadline :)
4. When you apply you commit yourself to the timeline & rules for this hunt!
5. Multiple shops – multiple shops are allowed under under a single avatar provided they adhere to the following guidelines and that there are enough slots in the hunt.
Each store must be submitted on a separate application and have complete different items for sale. In other words one location can’t be your main store and another a mall outlet for the same store.
6. Shop order – Placement in the hunt will be randomized.
There will be a charge of 1L$ per item for the hunters.  The give once script is not  allowed. The huntprim is scripted and merchants receive payments per item through the script.

1. You will receive the welcome pack when your shop is accepted for this hunt.  Please rez the huntsign at the store location as soon as you receive it.
The sign will contain information for the hunters, such as the startpoint, rules and a groupinviter for the hunters.  Do NOT change the contents of the sign!
Setting up the huntprim:
-Your huntprim is scripted. Rez your huntprim for the walkthrough (dates below) for us to check if everything is operating as should.
-You only need to add the gift before you hide it. The script transfers the gift after the hunter payes the linden.
-You are the owner of the huntrpim which means the linden goes to your account.
-The script will also give the landmark to the next stop.
-DO NOT remove any contents of the huntprim. If you do, your store will be pulled out from the hunt.
4. DO NOT change the huntprims color, name or number. 

5. Decoy huntprims are NOT allowed/permitted in this hunt as there is a charge of 1L$ ! You can rename walls, floors etc... as long as they are not set for sale
If your store is in a mall or a large venue where teleports are fixed, please use the hunt tracks.

09 october– DEADLINE:
Last day for applications. Applications after this date will be put on the back up list.
Also last day for sending a Landmark renamed with your storename to Resje Bailey

10 october- SIGNS:
All signs should be up at your store! Stores that dont have the sign out by this date will be dropped from the hunt!

18 October- HUNTPRIM:
Huntprim and hunt tracks will be sent to you in your personal huntfolder. This folder will be named as followed (example): #1 NHFirestorm- Your Store Name

23 October- HINT CARD:
Return the hint notecard that is included in your folder. Do NOT rename the hint notecard, just add your hint to it.
Send to Rayni Mistwalker inworld

Huntprim & Landmark Walkthrough. Rez your huntprim NEXT to your hunt sign. Your huntgift does NOT need to be in it yet. DON'T hide the huntprim in your store yet. This walkthrough is to ensure that the script in the huntprim works and that the correct landmark is given by it. Stores will be dropped from the hunt if they do not participate in the walkthrough.

30 October- GET READY:
Load your prize and hide your item TODAY. Hide your prize before midnight today!!!

31 October – Hunt Kicks off at 12:01 AM
30 November  – Hunt Ends at 12:00 AM (so leave your hunt item out throughout this day!)

Your gifts will be blogged for this hunt. You will receive a notice in the vendors group with all the details on how to get your gift blogged.

Thank you all for your patience to read this information!
if you have any further questions feel free to contact me or the huntmanagers Rayni Mistwalker and Tik Merlin.
Or ask your fellow vendors in the Nature's Hunt Vendor group.
Further information/changes will be send out by group notices so make sure you are in the group! 

Warm greetings,
Resje Bailey

naturehunt application form